Factsheets, guides and quick tips

Registering with the ACNC

Information about the requirements for registration, and who can register with the ACNC.

State and territory and other regulators of charities

Information about the obligations your charity may have to (and benefits from) other Commonwealth, state or local government agencies.

List of regulators in Australia that may affect charities

ASIC, ORIC and other regulators

Charity tax concessions and other benefits

Information about the various Commonwealth tax concessions and benefits available to registered charities, as well as benefits (such as deductible gift recipient status) that may depend on registration.

Information by charity type

Information for particular types of charities, according to their legal structure (trusts), their purpose or sector.

Managing your charity's duties

Information about the duties of charities to the ACNC, including meeting governance standards and other reporting annually.

Good governance tips and guides

Tips and information for charities on key charity management topics and situations.

Understanding charity impact

Information for the public about steps they can take to understand information about charities and make informed decisions when donating or volunteering.

FAQs: Charities and fundraising
These FAQs are for people who want information about how charities can raise and spend funds.

FAQs: Charities and administration costs
These FAQs provide an overview of the realities of charity administration costs.

Information on the Register - understanding financial information
When deciding whether to donate to or volunteer for a charity, the financial information on the ACNC Register provides a basis for understanding the charity and its activities in greater detail.

Charity money myths - the facts about operating as a not-for-profit
This factsheet corrects a number of myths about operating as a not-for-profit, including that charities can't make a profit, invest or incur administration costs.

Understanding charity impact
If you are donating to a charity, you may wish to make sure that your donation is creating the greatest impact possible.

Making sure your donation gets to where it needs to
Joint ACNC and QUT factsheet giving steps to help make sure your donation is going where it is intended.

Are there too many charities in Australia?
An information sheet and set of FAQs that explores the number of charities in Australia.

Video - Protect yourself from charity scams
ACNC video on how to protect yourself from charity scams.

Charities and administration costs
A factsheet jointly produced by the ACNC and the Queensland University of Technology about administration costs for charities.