A collection of frequently asked questions. If you have got a question you would like answered, that you can't find here or on our website, please contact us.

Companies limited by guarantee (29/03/2018)
Information about starting a charitable company limited by guarantee and its obligations to ASIC and the ACNC.

Registration FAQs (12/02/2018)
This page explains the process of charity registration as well as providing answers to FAQs.

How the changes to accounting standards may affect charities (11/10/2017)
A brief Q&A that explains how the AASB’s recent changes to accounting standards may affect the way charities may account for financial information.

FAQs: Annual Information Statement reminders (11/09/2017)
FAQs for the Annual Information Statement reminder letter.

Reporting errors in the 2017 Annual Information Statement (7/07/2017)
Explanation of the financial reporting errors in the 2017 Annual Information Statements and directions for correcting them.

FAQs: Basic Religious Charities Errors (6/07/2017)
Information for charities that had incorrectly classified themselves as Basic Religious Charities in their 2014 Annual Information Statements.

Are there too many charities in Australia? (19/10/2016)
An information sheet and set of FAQs that explores the number of charities in Australia.

FAQs: Charities and administration costs (8/09/2016)
These FAQs provide an overview of the realities of charity administration costs.

FAQs: Registrable Australian bodies and the ACNC (7/07/2016)
A series of FAQ to help you manage your ACNC-registered charity that is a registrable Australian body with ASIC

FAQs: Charities and fundraising (7/06/2016)
These FAQs are for people who want information about how charities can raise and spend funds.

Latest FAQs (29/04/2016)
Answers questions frequently asked of the ACNC.