Manage my charity

Meet your charity’s ACNC obligations

Meet governance standards
Charities must meet ACNC governance standards. These standards set out a minimum standard on how charities should be governed, such as being accountable to members.

Keep records - record-keeping for charities registered with the ACNC
Charities must keep records that correctly document and explain their net wealth and performance, and operations, so financial statements can be prepared and to allow for assessment activity.

Report annually
Charities must submit an Annual Information Statement (and, for medium and large sized charities, a financial report) every year, with some exceptions.

Keep charity status
Charities must maintain their eligibility to be registered, by remaining not-for-profit, pursuing their charitable purpose and otherwise complying with the ACNC Act.

Ongoing obligations
Overview of the key legal obligations charities have to the ACNC, including a self-assessment quiz.

Update charity details - Notify ACNC
Charities have a duty to notify the ACNC of changes, including to charity details, responsible people and governing documents and of any breach of the ACNC Act, including governance standards.

Use the ACNC Charity Portal

Keep details up-to-date and lodge forms through the Charity Portal

Update your charity subtype

Some charities registered before 31 December 2013 must update their charity subtypes (reflecting their charitable purpose) by 30 June 2015.

Tools to help manage your charity

Tools and resources
Guides, quick tips and other tools and resources to help you run your charity.

Manage your charity type

Factsheet - Schools, universities and education providers
This factsheet provides information for schools, universities and other education providers who may wish to register as charities with the ACNC.

Factsheet - Religious charities
This factsheet explains registration process and ongoing obligations for religious charities

Manage my charity type
Some charity types have similar obligations, due to their legal structure (such as incorporated associations) or what they do. Find your type.

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Other regulator obligations

List of regulators that may affect charities
List of regulators that charities may have obligations to, including ASIC, ORIC and state and territory regulators.

ASIC, ORIC and other regulators
Information about the obligations charities have to other regulators, such as ASIC, ORIC, the ATO and state and territory incorporated association and fundraising regulators.

Factsheet - Registrable Australian bodies and the ACNC
This factsheet explains changes for registrable Australian bodies that are registered with the ACNC

TAS Regulation of charities
This factsheet describes the different obligations charities will have to the regulators in Tasmania.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations
Information for organisations registered under the CATSI Act as a corporation, as well as with the ACNC as a charity.

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Change or close your charity

Wind up, merge or change legal structure
Information about what to do if you decide to wind up (close) your charity, merge with another charity or change its legal structure.