Find a charity on the ACNC Register: download charity data

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If you are a researcher or are otherwise interested in using the ACNC Register data to look at multiple charities, the most effective way to download this information is to use the datasets that the ACNC publish on

The ACNC publishes two main types of datasets on

  • Information on charities that is found on the ACNC Charity Register. This dataset is regularly updated to reflect what is currently available on our Register.
  • Information provided by charities in their Annual Information Statements. Each year, charities are required to lodge their Annual Information Statement to the ACNC. These datasets will be published on an annual basis, and updated weekly.

In some situations, charities can apply to have some or all of their information withheld from the Charity Register. If the ACNC has approved for the information to be withheld, it won’t appear on the Register or in these datasets from the approved date onwards.

The ACNC also publishes the annual Australian Charities Report, which is available on The data analysed in this report is drawn primarily from the Annual Information Statement, but may also contain data from additional sources for analysis purposes (such as the Australian Business Register). There is an option to explore and interact with this dataset visually via this site.  

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