Organisational structure

Organisational chart

Organisational chart

Our teams

Eight directorates report to the Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner, some of which are frontline services dedicated to the objects of the ACNC Act while others provide support services across the organisation. Their roles are set out below.

Reporting and Red Tape Reduction

  • Oversee design of the ACNC’s Annual Information Statements
  • Administer various reporting obligations set out in the ACNC Act and Reporting Regulations
  • Develop and implement the ACNC ‘report once, use often’ reporting framework
  • Promote the benefits and the sector’s uptake of the ACNC reporting framework
  • Work with other government agencies (Commonwealth, state and territory) to reduce red tape for charities and align regulatory obligations


  • Administer the ACNC regulatory approach
  • Investigate and resolve concerns about charities within the ACNC regulatory framework
  • Provide insight into new and emerging risks, including identifying trends, issues and advice into the management of these risks

Legal and Policy

  • Develop and coordinate ACNC policies and procedures
  • Provide legal advice to the Commissioner and ACNC staff on the interpretation and implementation of the ACNC Act and the Charities Act
  • Provide legal advice on corporate compliance
  • Provide training on relevant legal issues to ACNC staff
  • Manage the conduct of litigation under the ACNC Act Manage the ACNC's obligations under the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act


  • Determine charity registration applications, including charitable status and charity subtype
  • Provide support and guidance through the registration process and assist charities to maintain their entitlement
  • Populate the Charity Register with information about newly registered charities
  • Streamline the Commonwealth charity tax concessions application process (by forwarding applications to the ATO on behalf of the charity)

Advice Services

  • Manage the ACNC's help service, which responds to enquiries by phone, email, mail and fax
  • Support charities by providing tailored and specific guidance
  • Assist charities in meeting reporting obligations and on related issues
  • Receive and resolve enquiries and concerns raised by the public
  • Process ACNC approved forms
  • Manage projects to 'clean up' the Charity Register

Information Technology

  • Develop, implement and maintain the IT systems used to deliver services to the charity sector, such as the Charity Portal
  • Develop and implement enhancements to the Charity Register
  • Provide IT infrastructure and support to ACNC staff
  • Provide ongoing technical solutions such as delivery of the Charity Passport

Corporate Services

  • Provide finance services for the ACNC including budget administration and management of financial delegations
  • Provide human resources support and management
  • Manage the ACNC's professional learning and development
  • Work with the ATO to provide streamlined back office support via a memorandum of
  • understanding (MOU)
  • Manage the ACNC's internal governance and risk management framework

Education and Public Affairs

  • Inform and educate registered charities on their obligations under the ACNC Act
  • Deliver guidance, education and research for charities and the community
  • Provide timely reminders to registered charities to help them meet their obligations
  • Promote safe giving through use of the Charity Register search function
  • Maintain the ACNC's online presence through management of and our social media accounts
  • Manage internal communications to ACNC staff