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Information that you submit on this portal will appear automatically on the public ACNC Register, after you click ‘Submit’, for example, your charity’s governing documents and changes to your charity’s responsible persons. If you want to withhold this information from the ACNC Register, request to withhold the information here first. You can submit your information immediately after you submit your withholding request. Your whole charity record on the ACNC Register will be withheld until a decision on your request has been made. If your request does not meet the circumstances listed in s.40-10 of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Act 2012 (Cth) (ACNC Act), it will be refused. If we refuse your request, the information will be published on the ACNC Register.

Status of withheld information
Request to withhold information  

Help and guidance

Request to withhold information – all charities 

You can request to withhold information from the ACNC Register if any of the following circumstances exist: 
  • the information is commercially sensitive and has the potential to cause detriment to the registered charity (or former registered charity) to which it relates, or to an individual 
  • the information is inaccurate, is likely to cause confusion or is likely to mislead the public 
  • the information is likely to offend a reasonable individual 
  • the information could endanger public safety or  
  • any other circumstances prescribed by the regulations. 
The Commissioner may withhold or remove information from the ACNC Register if it falls within one of the above circumstances. If your request does not fall into the above circumstances, it will be refused. For further information on withholding information, please refer to the Commissioner’s Policy Statement on Withholding or Removing Information from the ACNC Register and if relevant, to the Commissioner’s Interpretation Statement on Withholding or Removing Commercially Sensitive Information from the ACNC Register. The Commissioner may decide to include the information on the ACNC Register if the Commissioner considers that the public interest in publishing the information outweighs the likely adverse effect of the relevant circumstance/s described above.

Request to withhold information – private ancillary funds

If your charity is a private ancillary fund, you can also request to withhold certain information from the ACNC Register if:  
  • this information is likely to identify an individual donor, or 
  • publishing contact details would create an unreasonable administrative burden on your charity. 

Please have this information ready 

When you request to withhold information from the ACNC Register: 
  • know exactly what information you want to be withheld 
  • how it fits into the circumstance/s listed above 
  • if requesting to withhold part of a document (such as your charity’s governing documents, Annual Information Statement or financial, audit or review reports), please provide the full (un-redacted) version of the document you wish to be withheld. 


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