The registration process and FAQs

Using the online form

The form will lead you through the information you need to provide. There are pop-up boxes explaining each step – check your security settings to allow these to appear.

Username and password

Choose a username and password to create your account within the registration system. This is just for the registration application. You will be provided with a different login for the Charity Portal if your charity is successfully registered.

The username can be anything you like, but it needs to be unique. We do not recommend that you use your email address. The password needs to be a minimum of nine (9) characters. Make a note of your registration username and password and keep them safe.

If the form does not load, please try refreshing your browser.

Saving incomplete applications

You can save your partially completed application and return to it later if you need to. You can resume your application at any time by navigating to the 'Resume my application' page under the Register my charity tab.

If you are having trouble with using the registration form, please contact us.

What to expect after applying

After you submit the registration application you will receive an email with a submission number. Have this number and your ABN ready if you need to contact us so we can quickly find your application details.

Every application is allocated to an ACNC case officer. This person will contact you to confirm that your application has been received and to clarify any information if required. If you do not receive the confirmation email or a follow-up phone call, please contact us.

If you decide not to continue with registration please contact us.

Timeframe for registration

When we have received all the necessary information for your application, we aim to make a decision within 15 business days.

We will also contact you if any information needs to be clarified. Where needed, we will provide you with advice to ensure your application is processed as quickly as possible.

Successful applicants

Charity pack

We will write to tell you if your application has been successful and send you a charity pack. In the charity pack you will receive:

Your charity’s Australian Business Number (ABN) will be the unique identifier for ACNC registration and you can use the ABN to search for your charity's entry on the ACNC Register.

Once registered, you can use the following wording on public documents (such as letterhead, emails and a website) to demonstrate to the public and others your charity’s registration with the ACNC:

  • [insert charity name] is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission ABN [insert 11 digit ABN].

Please note that a registered charity cannot use the ACNC logo.

Once your charity is registered, you will be able to use your portal login to make changes to your charity’s details, report to us and print a copy of your registration certificate.

Charity tax concessions

If you applied for charity tax concessions (including deductible gift recipient (DGR) status in your registration application), we will forward your charity’s information and this part of the application form to the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

The ATO decides if your organisation is entitled to charity tax concessions and/or DGR status. They will notify you of their decision or if you need to provide more information. You can also apply for tax concessions separately if you want to apply for registration first and tax concessions later.

Find out more about charity tax concessions.

Unsuccessful applicants

We will write to tell you if your application is not successful and why we have come to our decision. You can ask for our decision to be reviewed.

Find out more about the review of ACNC decisions.

Registration FAQs

What if I've forgotten my login details or can’t log in?

If you forget your login username or password, select ‘resume my application’ from the Register my charity menu tab. From there you can select either the 'forgot my username' or 'forgot my password' options.

What if my organisation’s ABN appears to be taken?

If you enter your Australian Business Number (ABN) into the ABN availability screen and the system reports that the ABN you entered is in use, you can:

  • re-enter your ABN again, checking that the number is correct
  • check the ACNC Register to see which organisation has registered using that ABN.

Visit ABR Help to find out more – the ACNC does not manage the Australian Business Register.

What will be the date of registration?

The ACNC decides your charity's date of registration. Generally, this will be the date your application for registration was approved by us, but if you want an earlier date let us know when you apply. It must have been eligible for registration on that date.

The earliest date of registration your charity can apply for is 3 December 2012, when the ACNC was established.

What happens to the information I provide about my charity?

Information about your charity will be published on the public ACNC Register (except the dates of birth or residential addresses of any responsible person).

In limited circumstances we may withhold (exclude) your charity's information from the Register if you apply to withhold information.

The ACNC is committed to protecting confidential and sensitive charity information.


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