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On this page, you'll find videos and podcasts on a range of topics. All of our multimedia productions have been made accessible through Closed Captions, transcripts or both.

Attention: You need to know! The ACNC holds regular webinars covering topics relevant to registered charities and the wider not-for-profit sector. These free webinars are interactive, and are designed to provide organisations in the sector with information and guidance to help them operate effectively, avoid pitfalls or comply with legal, reporting or other requirements. Register for upcoming ACNC webinars here.

Latest podcast

Our podcast is a great way to stay informed about all things charity related: issues facing the charity sector, charity operations and governance, and how charities can meet obligations to the ACNC.

Episode 9 - Reflections from Susan Pascoe AM

This episode of ACNC Charity Chat features the now former Commissioner, Susan Pascoe AM, giving her thoughts about the establishment of the ACNC, its first few years of work, and some of the challenges facing the charity sector.

Latest Webinar


Welcome to the board: Information for new charity board members

Just joined a charity's board? Join us to learn more about the responsibilities and duties of charity board members and the importance of good governance.

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How-to Videos 

How to update the Address For Service

This video is a step by step-by-step guide to updating your charity's Address For Service in the Charity Portal.

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How to change a responsible person

This video  is a step-by-step guide to changing your responsible persons in the Charity Portal.

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How to change your charity's subtype

This video  is a step-by-step guide to changing your charity's subtype in the Charity Portal.

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