A collection of frequently asked questions. If you have got a question you would like answered, that you can't find here or on our website, please contact us.

Have you received an email from the ACNC? Read our reporting errors FAQs (7/7/2017)
Explanation and frequently asked questions about the financial reporting errors in the 2015 Annual Information Statements

FAQs: Basic Religious Charities Errors (7/6/2017)
Information for charities that had incorrectly classified themselves as Basic Religious Charities in their 2014 Annual Information Statements.

Companies limited by guarantee (5/1/2017)
Information about starting a charitable company limited by guarantee and its obligations to ASIC and the ACNC.

Are there too many charities in Australia? (10/19/2016)
An information sheet and set of FAQs that explores the number of charities in Australia.

FAQs: Charities and administration costs (9/8/2016)
These FAQs provide an overview of the realities of charity administration costs.

FAQs: Registrable Australian bodies and the ACNC (7/7/2016)
A series of FAQ to help you manage your ACNC-registered charity that is a registrable Australian body with ASIC

FAQs: Charities and fundraising (6/7/2016)
These FAQs are for people who want information about how charities can raise and spend funds.

FAQs: Annual Information Statement reminders (5/4/2016)
FAQs for the Annual Information Statement reminder letter.

Latest FAQs (4/29/2016)
Answers questions frequently asked of the ACNC.