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Meeting ACNC requirements

Log in to the Charity Portal to:

  • Request withholding of charity information from the ACNC Register
  • Submit your charity’s Annual Information Statement
  • Notify the ACNC of change of responsible person
    Note: Fill in the full details of every Responsible Person, including when they are appointed and when they finish.*
    Contact us if you need our Responsible Person bulk lodgement form
  • Notify the ACNC of change of charity details (such as change of name, address for service or governing documents)
  • Apply to change or select a charity subtype
  • Request a different reporting period (if your charity does not report on a 1 July to 30 June reporting period).

PDF form or other action

Note: Please read our guidance on raising concerns with the ACNC to see if it is an issue we can deal with. Once you have read the guidance you can email the form to

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