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Upcoming webinars for 2018

Please note the dates and sessions listed are subject to change.

Topic Date Register
Managing charity finances:
Covering basic financial management topics. Relevant for smaller charities.
March 20
Charity tax concessions:
Joint presentation with the ATO.
March 27
Managing staff and volunteers:
Effectively managing the people involved in a charity. Relevant for smaller charities.
April 17
Staying on track - tips for charity management and meeting obligations:
Ensuring a charity is well run and meeting its obligations.
April 27
Help with the Annual Information Statement:
Outline of information required and tips to answer the questions.
May 22
Giving to legitimate charities:
What a charity is and how to find information about registered charities.
June 19
Managing conflicts of interest:
Information on how conflicts of interest can be identified, disclosed and managed.
July 12
Managing disputes:
Common causes and effective solutions.
July 24
Holding the Annual General Meeting - obligations, tips and advice:
How a charity can plan and stage an effective AGM.
August 21
Welcome to the board - advice for new charity board members:
Board member responsibilities and duties, and the importance of good governance.
September 25
Fundraising - good practice:
Ensuring a charity's fundraising is effective and adheres to good practice.
October 23

Running a charity - being efficient and effective:
Collaboration, mergers and aspects to efficient operation.

November 20

Completed webinars

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