Double defaulters

Charities who have failed to submit two Annual Information Statements

Charities who do not submit an Annual Information Statement for two or more years (demonstrating persistent non-compliance) risk their registration being revoked by the ACNC. Charities that have their ACNC registration revoked lose their entitlements to Commonwealth charity tax concessions.

The ACNC has reminded charities about submitting the Annual Information Statement using a variety of methods – for example, reminder letters, emails, newsletters, the Commissioner’s Column and social media campaigns.

Charities no longer operating

Some charities may not be submitting their Annual Information Statement because they have wound-up or no longer operate. Revoking their charitable status is part of our work to provide the community with an accurate, up-to-date Charity Register and to enforce compliance with the ACNC Act.

You can check if a charity has submitted its Annual Information Statements by searching the Charity Register. The Annual Information Statement is completed through the Charity Portal