Tick of Charity Registration

Helping to enhance public trust and confidence in registered charities

The ACNC Tick of Charity Registration (the Registered Charity Tick) aims to gives reassurance to the public that the charity is transparent and accountable by highlighting its presence on the ACNC Charity Register.

We hope that the Registered Charity Tick will have a positive effect on public trust and confidence in the charity sector and we encourage members of the public to check the Register to find out more details about charities they wish to support.

Who is not eligible to download the Registered Charity Tick?

Charities who are overdue in providing their yearly reporting to the ACNC, or who have had compliance action taken against them by the ACNC, are not eligible to download the Registered Charity Tick. You can contact us at charitytick@acnc.gov.au for more information

How does it work?

Charities that want to take advantage of the Registered Charity Tick access it by logging into the secure Charity Portal. Charities using the Tick are required to accept terms and conditions of use, as well as usage guidelines.

Charity Tick screencast

This screencast is a step-by-step guide to downloading the Registered Charity Tick.


Watch video

The Registered Charity Tick can be used by registered charities on printed and digital media, and where possible we encourage charities to link the Tick to their Charity Register listing.


Misuse of the Registered Charity Tick

Instances of misuse of the Registered Charity Tick (for example, where organisations falsely present themselves as registered charities) will be monitored by the ACNC which will act to prevent misuse. If you have concerns about an organisation’s use of the Registered Charity Tick, please email us at charitytick@acnc.gov.au