Internal disputes

Dealing with internal disputes

Internal disputes within a charity can involve activities, decisions or policies that comply with the law but that people within a charity disagree with. This may be a difference of opinion between a volunteer and the board about how a charity is run, or a disagreement between board members about a decision.

To resolve an internal dispute, you may consider the following options:

  • discussing the issue with the person in question
  • raising the issue with the people running your charity (make sure you follow any process the charity has for dealing with issues)
  • using a professional mediator or other adviser.

Read our quick tips on managing internal disputes.

ACNC will not mediate in internal disputes

The ACNC will not directly intervene or mediate to resolve internal disputes. We will only get involved in your dispute if there is a serious risk to public trust and confidence. For example, if the dispute has the potential to result in a breach of the ACNC Act.

Talk to a lawyer if your dispute raises any legal questions, especially if you have to go to court.