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22 September 2015

New annual report template

Over the next few months, most charities will hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM). To assist charities in preparing for their AGM, the ACNC has developed a free annual report template.

This template helps charities to develop a report on their activities for the past year. The template suggests items that the report should cover including an overview of activities, governance, finances and other important information.

Although the ACNC does not require charities to prepare an annual report, it is one of the key ways a charity can demonstrate accountability to its members, celebrate achievements and focus on the year ahead. In addition, by preparing an annual report, it can assist charities when it comes time to planning their AGM and completing their Annual Information Statement.

The ACNC has a dedicated resources page to help charities to understand their obligations in relation to AGMs.
This resource page includes a number of other free templates including:

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